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How To Connect With Your Social Media Followers

Twitter can be a great source of Traffic.

There are many articles that focus on growing your Twitter Followers, but there is another side of the Twitter equation and that is the activity that happens with those followers.

In order to succeed in Social Media you need to connect with your followers.

That requires that you do more than just tweeting links to your blog posts over and over! You need to mix up your content with really great articles from a variety of sources. You need to be the social hero if you want to connect with your social media followers.

If you look at the most successful social media influencers they all have a few things in common. They have been able to connect well with their audience. Here are a few things that you can do to improve your connections!

Craft Your Posts To Get Attention

Don’t be boring, bring your own personality! If you want to connect with your social media followers you need to grab their attention and then add value. Be unique and stand out in the crowd.

Choose Your Words

How you craft your posts makes all the difference in whether or not anyone actually notices them. For Twitter make sure that your tweets are short 120 characters. Leave room for retweet or comments.

[Headline][Link][#hashtag][by @name]

Use Images

Eye catching images get a higher engagement rate. Numbers don’t lie. Tweets with images get a substantially higher engagement rate. There is no excuse not to use images in your tweets. There are tons of tools to help you find or create images for your posts.

This image courtesy of Unsplash, was used in one of our most popular blog posts.

Include a Clear & Compelling Call to Action

Tell them exactly what to do next. It doesn’t matter if you want them to click a link, retweet or signup for a free trial be sure to make it very clear.

It might look something like this:

Share Content that your followers will enjoy!

One of the best ways to get more followers and more engagement from your followers is to share meaningful content that adds value!

Give your audience the stuff they actually need to make their life better. Be sure that the content you share is a good match for your audience.

Your job is to delight, entertain, educate and dazzle! That sounds easy enough, right? You can think of it this way. Put yourself in your audiences’ shoes and think about what would make their life easier.

Produce great content making sure your own content matches what your audience needs. Do your homework by listening to what your audience has to say and then deliver. Be sure to share your content multiple times as not everyone is online at the same time. Spread your tweets throughout the day, without bunching up your posts.

Don’t just self promote! It’s perfectly acceptable to share your own content but make sure that you include valuable content from others. This shows that you care enough not to be selfish. It is also a great way to attract new followers.

Start Conversations

Conversations are the foundation to successful networking. Social media is not necessarily different than networking in person except that everyone of your conversations, for the most part, are available for everyone else to see online.

Use tools like MoreFollow and Hootsuite to monitor your competition. Then be prepared to use that information wisely to jump into existing conversations or start a dialog.

Get conversations going by asking open ended questions. What do you think about [X]?

[Question]{Link optional][#hashtag]

Jump into conversations by answering questions. Take advantage of the retweet with comment feature. This allows more people to see your response than just sending a reply.


Final Thoughts

Once you have their attention, be sure to take it to the next level. Follow up on conversations, offer to schedule a demo or give them a free trial of your product. Reach out and ask how they are doing. Make someones day by cheering them up or solving a problem.

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