Want a Better Way to Manage Twitter?

How to Create Your Twitter Success Story

Twitter provides many opportunities to reach your potential customers but in order to be successful in creating a winning Twitter Marketing Strategy you must understand that Twitter works differently than other social media platforms.

If you want to win big you have to play the right game! Twitter differs from other social media sites like Facebook or Pinterest. Your approach should be different as well!

If you assume that you can just blast Tweets of your latest product or blog posts and have people flocking all over your site you may be sadly disappointed.

Twitter is all about actual relationships.

You need to listen and engage in a meaningful way.

Here’s the Winning Twitter Formula

Targeted followers plus the right engagement equals Twitter SUCCESS.


Grow Your Targeted Audience

You want your targeted audience to consist of relevant followers. Your ultimate goal is to attract followers that are actually interested in your product or service. This means you need to follow people that already show an interest in your topics.

Be sure to grow your account by following new people that are following your competition, influencers in your niche or people talking about your topic of interest.

Then you need to show consistent value so they pay attention to what you’re saying.

Clean Up Your Twitter Account

How clean is your Twitter?

It’s time to clean up your Twitter account!

Let’s face it keeping up with Twitter can take some work, but it can be well worth it.

Why is it important to unfollow all those undesirables? You need to make room to follow more people that are more relevant to you!

Cleaning up your Twitter account should include unfollowing people that are not a good fit.

Who should you ditch?

Step 1 – You should unfollow people in the following categories:

  • People that unfollow you.
  • People that don’t follow you back in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Twitter users that are inactive.
  • Profiles that are not relevant to you.
  • People that post offensive Tweets.

Step 2 – Spruce up your profile:

Your profile needs to be follow worthy!

To clean up your Twitter bio, revise and review your images and bio context.

Make sure your profile is complete with a well done profile picture and a complete bio that is informative and serves its purpose with searchable keywords and #hashtags.

Step 3 – Follow People Back:

You should also follow back any relevant people that follow you.

The more TARGETED your audience the better your results.

Create the Right Engagement

Open the door to a relationship with the right engagement. Use visuals to get their attention and then make the most of your efforts by making your Tweets conversational. Ask open ended questions that keep the conversation going.

As you grow  your followers it’s very important to also engage with them in a meaningful way. In addition to just blasting your own self promoting Tweets be sure to include retweets of others and reply with a thanks when someone shares or talks about you.

Rewarding your existing followers with a like, retweet or reply lets them know that you are interested in their topic. This is how you create those lasting relationships. This is when Twitter marketing really works. In addition to just sending good tweets, which of course you also need to do. You’re really engaging with people who are already following you and taking that relationship to the next step in creating real conversations.

Remember once you have an audience you need to do something with them or the whole effort is pointless.

Let me know what makes your Twitter successful!

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