Want a Better Way to Manage Twitter?

Are you ready to crush Twitter this year?

Maybe you’re already using Twitter in your marketing strategy, but are you really making the most of what Twitter has to offer? If you are not using it wisely you may be missing out on the greatest opportunity to turn Twitter into your own lead and traffic generation machine.

Don’t forget the best part is…You can do it all for free!

Here is how to really turn your Twitter account into your own lead generation machine!

Your best asset in social media is YOU!

In order to really succeed you will need to understand the two most important elements TARGETED FOLLOWERS and ENGAGEMENT.


You need an audience. The more eye balls the greater your reach. The more TARGETED your audience the better your results. Start following people that are talking or asking questions about your topic or follow people that are following your competition. This gives you a better chance that they will be interested in your message.

Remember your single goal here is to get more relevant followers.

Ditch people that are not a match for interest or that don’t follow you back within a reasonable amount of time. Cleaning up your Twitter account by unfollowing people is important because it makes room for you to follow people that will really make a difference.

Don’t waste your time and effort on people that are not interested in your brand or product. There are too many opportunities to find the right audience.

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Follow People Tweeting About Your Interest

Following people that are already tweeting about your interests is the best way to pre-qualify a potential follower. This strategy also makes it quite easy to start a conversation, simply give them a follow and reply to a tweet. You have now made the first step towards establishing a relationship. Once the person follows you back they will be more likely to click on your links in the future.

Follow People Following Your Competition

If you are in business you should already know your competition. Take advantage of your research and start following people that follow them. They have already expressed an interest in your type of product so take the opportunity to win them over.

Unfollow People Not Following Back

If someone is not following you back you can try to get their attention by retweeting or liking one of their tweets, you may also try adding them to a list, but if they are not interested just move along. Don’t take it personally as not everyone is going to be a good fit.

Unfollow People that Unfollow You

Keep your Twitter account clean by unfollowing people that unfollow you. Creating a targeted follower base is a numbers game so be sure to remove people that are not interested in seeing your tweets.

Unfollow People That Are Not Active

There is no sense in following people that are not active in Twitter. The odds are very slim that they will ever see your tweets or take action if they do not participate often.


To continue to grow and keep your followers you must actually do something with them, this means sharing great content to keep your audience happy.

To generate traffic and leads you want to share content that gets clicked and gets shared!

According to Dan Zarrella, “The Social Media Scientist” here are 20 of the most ReTweetable words and phrases. Try a few and see what works for you.


20 Phrases That Will Get You Retweets

If you think you can take a ‘push’ approach with tweets to sell your stuff directly – hit the reset button because that is not what Twitter is all about. Most likely you will fail every time with that approach. In order to succeed in driving traffic and leads you must learn to entice your followers with the right messages and the philosophy that Twitter is about establishing relationships.

Be sure to share content that is relevant to your followers.

  • Share more content that inspires action such as How To’s, Tips, Blog Content.
  • Include Images to get more retweets.
  • Share often and around the clock.
  • Use hashtags wisely.
  • Thank people often with @mentions.
  • Monitor Tweets on your brand or product and answer questions.
  • Keep your tweets short, less than 100 characters.

Remember the more you share and engage with your audience the more traffic and leads you will generate. Social media is about establishing meaningful connections with your potential customers.


Twitter can be a great source of leads, so don’t be afraid to jump in today. Grow your followers, inspire them with great tweets, then see how many leads you can generate.

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