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How to Find More Customers with Twitter

Your business needs more customers, right?

Twitter may just be the right place for you to find more customers.

With Twitter it doesn’t matter if you’re a scrappy startup or a well established brand, odds are you can find more customers than you think.

When building your Twitter following it is important to consider quality over quantity.  Stay focused on your perfect customer.

#1: You Must Know Your Customer

If you sell steaks, don’t follow vegetarians and expect high conversions!

If you don’t understand who your customers are, you may not get the results you want.

It is essential to create buyer personas if you have not already done so. You may not know who your ideal customer really is. It is important to pay attention to their Goals/Challenges. Identifying their needs and pain points will help you build keywords that will be effective in finding your ideal customer.

To get started here is a great article from our friends at SingleGrain, on The Complete Guide to Developing and Using Buyer Personas.



Here’s another great source from buffer.com, on the Complete Beginner’s Guide to Marketing Persona’s.


#2: Do Your #Hashtag Research

As you establish your customer profile you will also want to do some research on applicable #hashtags. This will help in the next step when you actually go searching for your perfect customer. You want to create a list of hashtags that apply to your product or service.

RiteTag, helps you identify popular hashtags and provides suggestions. Simply start typing and the tool will show a list. In addition you can also see hashtags that contain a certain word.


Hashtagify, is a great resource for finding related hashtags. Expanding the #hashtags you use in your research can help you find more of the right followers.


#3: Leverage Twitter Search

Once you have a clear picture of your ideal customer it is time to do a little searching.

You can use Twitter Use Twitter management tools like MoreFollow to make it easier to find the right audience and to keep your account clean by unfollowing people that are not a good match. You can also use Twitter Search.

When searching for your potential prospects you can use “-“ to exclude words to will improve your results. Remember if you are selling steaks you may want to exclude using -#vegetarian or – #vegan for example.

You might want to search for the word “recommend” and then your topic to find people that are looking for recommendations on a particular product.


Don’t just follow your potential customers. Engage with them by providing great content that answers their questions and invites them to take the next step.


As you can see, Twitter can be a great source to find more potential customers. Following a more targeted audience can go a long way to increasing your sales.

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