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Here’s how to kick start your Twitter traffic into overdrive in no time. There are 2 things you need in order to be a Social Media Traffic Hero. 1.) You need a targeted following. 2.) You need to consistently provide value.

The one thing you don’t need is to spend a lot of time. If you stay organized and stay on task you can quickly make a routine out of managing your followers and sharing content which will make you more productive.

A real social media hero has a good balance. I spend 30 minutes a day on the basics (follow, unfollow and scheduled content). Then spend another 30 minutes a day Engaging. Don’t forget to leave some room for the spontaneous replies, retweets or thoughts that happen throughout the day.

Here’s the setup
Be follow worthy. Never have an anonymous egg as a profile picture and never leave your description blank. Take a little time to make sure you have a killer profile which includes a great profile image and complete description. Rock Your Profile…


The Basics (30 Minutes)

Grow Your Followers

One of the greatest opportunities of Twitter is the ability to reach the right people quickly and efficiently. Follow people that you know may be potential customers. Then don’t forget to wow them by sharing great content.

Follow People Every Day (10 Minutes)

You should spend at least 10 – 15 minutes a day finding and following the right audience. Follow people that express an interest in your topics. One of my favorite tactics is to follow people following the competition.

UnFollow People Who Don’t Follow Back (5 Minutes)

It is important to unfollow people that don’t follow you back or that don’t fit in with your objective. Twitter only allows you to follow 2000 people before you hit the follow limit. As you get more people following you there is a 10% variance (if 3000 people follow you, you can follow 3300 people). So it is important to make room for followers that make sense.
Of course I’m a big fan of our own tools. Using MoreFollow makes it easy to find and follow the right people as well as get rid of unwanted follows. Grab your free copy today to manage your followers.

Share Awesome Content (15 Minutes)

Creating great social media relationships is all about providing value and establishing trust. If you want Twitter to be a real traffic driving machine every Tweet should have a purpose whether its sharing an informative article, answering a question or just cheering someone up to make them feel better.

Make your tweets count, only share great stuff!

In addition to sharing your own advice and your own articles be sure to mix it up with a variety of content from various sources. In my last article, 3 Free Tools to Get Your Content Shared on Social Media I showed you tools to get your content shared. There is another purpose for these same providers and that is to find great content for you to share yourself! Yes, they also provide a great source to find content that your followers will appreciated.


Another great source is Feedly which allows you to organize your favorite blogs and content into usable feeds.

Explore Blogs


Create Your Feeds



If you haven’t tried scoop.it you should definitely check it out! Scoop.it can be a great resource to find relevant content for your audience.


Engage  (30 Minutes)

Now that you have an audience it’s time to turn them into loyal customers. The key to a traffic machine is engagement. Get the interaction going and watch them flock to your website.

Plan on spending at least 30 minutes a day looking for engagement opportunities…

Use Twitter Lists
Save yourself a lot of time by staying organized with lists.

Visit your lists once a day to look for great content to share and other opportunities to engage.

Lists are an awesome way to make sure that you stay on top of people of interest. You should separate your lists into public and private groups. Both will allow you to view Tweets from members of the list however, private lists are not available publically.

Public Lists
These are great to stay in touch with influencers and current customers.

Private Lists
Use private lists to organize your potential clients or your competition.

Track Mentions
Don’t forget to say thank you, but make it count.

Make your replies more than a simple “thanks”. Take the time to say something meaningful. Use your thank you as a way to begin a conversation.

ReTweet & Favorites
Share the love! ReTweets are a great way to not only make your followers happy but they can get you noticed as well.

When someone ReTweets your content make sure to give them a favorite or a shout out thank you with a non generic response designed to get a conversation going.

Answer Questions
Add value by answering questions. Reply with an answer that solves a problem and become a real hero. You can use Twitter search or several other tools to find people asking questions about your brand or product.


Have fun being a social media traffic hero. Spending a little time every day can generate significant traffic.

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Laura Kimball is the CEO of Click Measure Media. She combines internet marketing with software development expertise to deliver marketing automation tools. Grab your free Twitter Tool at morefollow.com Follow on Twitter, LinkedIn

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