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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started is easy. Simply click on the Login with Twitter button to start your free account.
You can update, change, or modify your plan at any time. There is no obligation or long term contracts to worry about.
Suggested followers are based on the keywords you enter as well as several other factors from your profile such as your location.

You can adjust your keywords at any time by selecting the “Manage Brand Terms” on the right hand section within the moreFollow tool. The number of keywords available depends upon your plan.

We are happy to accept Pay Pal for any annual plan.

This is a policy implemented from Twitter, which strictly forbids programmatically following users. You must select the individuals you wish to follow. We try to make it as easy as possible…
While we do not limit the number of people you can follow in any given time period we strongly encourage you to use some common sense and abide by the Twitter guidelines as to keep your account in good standing.
Twitter does look at such things as following to follower ratios. If you are following 1000 people and no one is following you back Twitter assumes there is some type of spam activity on your behalf and can suspend your account.
We strongly recommend that you go slow and steady with your Twitter follow growth!
The number of posts you can schedule per day depends on your plan. If you need more let us know and we can recommend a plan just for you.