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Looking For More Targeted Twitter Followers? Try Spying on Your Competition!

Twitter marketing only works if you have an audience. The more targeted your audience the better you will perform. One of easiest ways to acquire more targeted Twitter Followers is by following people already following your competition. Yes in Social Media it is really OK to spy on your competition, in fact you should. What makes their followers so special? They have already expressed an interest in your niche. What could be better than that?

That does not mean you should go out and follow everyone automatically, for this to work well you need to spend a little time weeding through the crowd to find the best followers that meet your criteria.

Here’s what to look for in their profile.

  1. First you only want people that are active so look at the last time they posted.
  2. Look at the number of times they have posted.
  3. How long have they been on Twitter?
  4. How many people do they follow?
  5. How many people follow them back?
  6. Make sure they have a complete profile.
  7. Does their Bio match your interests?

Follow People Following Your Competition

You can do this several ways. If you are not using a Twitter Management Tool such as our own MoreFollow, feel free to grab your free account now as a time saver. You can also accomplish this by using Twitter search, although it takes more time.

This tactic works for competitors, industry influencers and blogs that you know your potential clients are reading.

Here’s how it works

In this example we will use @inboundorg which is a popular blog on inbound marketing. These guys are not our competition but we love them and we know that their followers are interested in marketing. From the results you can follow people that meet your criteria based upon their profiles.

Using Twitter Search

Enter the @name you want to spy on. Then select Followers to discover who follows them.


From that list you can click on each user to see their profiles. One big draw back from Twitter is that you will not see all their profile information unless you drill down on each user, which takes a lot of time.


Remember to be selective on who you follow based upon their profile information.


Using MoreFollow

This is a real time saver. Simply enter the @name you are interested in and get the results right away. You can follow people based on the information provided.

For even more detailed stats, hover over their bio and you will see everything you need to quickly make your decision.


Follow and Engage People Talking About Your Competition

See who’s talking about your competition by tracking their @mentions. This is a great way to discover people that are highly engaged in your topic. You can also see who may be experiencing problems with your competitor’s brand and take the opportunity to answer their questions.

Be helpful and you may just win them over. This does not mean you should be pitching your brand right away, the last thing an upset customer wants is another pushy salesman. Just reach out with helpful advice that can solve their problem. Be genuine and follow up with people to establish a relationship.

Let’s see it in action

From here you can quickly follow and engage from the same screen.



Twitter can be a great source of traffic and revenue. In order to be successful you need to grow your followers selectively. It is not all about the numbers, it’s about the type of people you engage with.

Take advantage of these tactics to grow your audience and you will see great results!

Happy Tweeting!

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Laura Kimball is the CEO of Click Measure Media. She combines internet marketing with software development expertise to deliver marketing automation tools. Grab your free Twitter Tool at morefollow.com Follow on Twitter, LinkedIn

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