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How to Create Your Twitter Success Story

Twitter provides many opportunities to reach your potential customers but in order to be successful in creating a winning Twitter Marketing Strategy you must understand that Twitter works differently than other social media platforms. If you want to win big you have to play the right game! Twitter differs from other social media sites like […]

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10 Reasons Twitter is GOOD for Your Business

Recently Twitter has received a lot of negative publicity leading to a debate about its future. Topics have included limited growth, falling share prices and changes to its timeline algorithm. Should these reports detour your Twitter efforts? Certainly not, change is inevitable, social media is evolving as it should. As founder of MoreFollow where we […]

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Are You Losing Money by Not Using Social Selling with Twitter?

If your social media strategy does not include social selling on Twitter you’re losing money by missing a great opportunity. There is a lot of talk about social media marketing but not as much about social selling. If you’re running a business sales should be your primary focus, right? Marketing is about generating interest and […]

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Are You Making The Most of Twitter For Your Business?

Are you missing out on what Twitter can do for your small or medium size business? The real Twitter Business opportunity is in the ability to generate leads and create brand awareness. If you take advantage of this awesome power you will be happy with the results. Of course we build Twitter applications so we […]

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