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How to Build Your Twitter Audience [Video]

Twitter can be a very valuable resource for many businesses. To be successful you must have a following! Here are some tips to help you grow and engage with your Twitter Audience. Begin by following the right peeps. This includes a mix of the following categories: The potential client, the influencer, your competition, and a few friends.


Twitter in particular serves many purposes. You may be looking to spread the word about your brand or product, establish yourself as a real entity or keep tabs on your customer service, many of you are looking for all of the above. Engaging your audience with information that is useful for them goes a long way in establishing your brand.

As you grow your audience it is essential that you add value by tweeting useful content. You must feed your peeps! Don’t just share your own content but share anything that they will find useful. This includes content from other sources such as your favorite industry blog or helpful tips that your audience can apply to their own situation.

We hope you find this video helpful. Best of luck building your Twitter Audience!


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