Want a Better Way to Manage Twitter?

Social media can provide great results when done right. In this article I want to explore the most common reasons your social media is failing and provide you with some ideas on how you can easily fix them.

If you are floundering in the social media realm get ready to turn it around with awesome results.

Social Media Is Not A One Way Street

#1: You have a Push Mentality

The most common mistake that many marketers make is treating Social media as an advertising platform. Don’t take the Me, Me, Me approach without offering something in return. You should never blast links to your latest blog posts without considering some engagement. Social is not a one way street and it’s not all about you. Especially if you are promoting a blog you should invite your followers to your content while also offering to answer their questions with a personal message.

Quick Fixes
Begin by responding to others comments and questions in a timely manner. Don’t be afraid to jump in and be helpful. Focus on helping your followers and they will appreciate your efforts.

Think of common problems your audience faces on a regular basis and share advice that can actually help them solve their challenge.

Show your appreciation by thanking others for sharing, following, or commenting on your posts.

social media should have swagger

#2: Your Message is Missing the Mark

Social does not have to be all about dry boring business messages. Don’t be a social media drone. Social media is about creating great relationships. You must treat your posts as an opening to communicate.

Don’t be afraid to have a brand personality, a little swagger so to speak.

Social is about getting personal, not about sharing a press release. Make your posts informative, engaging and entertaining for the best result.

Quick Fixes
Spice up your messages by making them personal. Share personal stories that show you are not a nameless/faceless brand without emotion.

People love statistics but when sharing numbers give them a little back story on how you got them or entice them with a an invitation like “See how we gained 10k new members in 2 days!” it is important to provide them a reason to get excited about the statistic.
Sharing images can boost your retweets

#3: Your Content Lacks Visual Appeal

People are tired of reading boring content. You must give them something appealing to look at as well! Great images can get people clicking and your posts. Sharing images can greatly increase the number of people who share your content.

Quick Fixes
If you are sharing on Twitter using Photos can boost retweets by up to 35% and adding a video can result in a 28% boost in retweets.

You can share a variety of images that also humanize your brand, for example sharing pictures of your staff doing something funny at the office.
The best times to post in social media

#4: Your Timing Is Off

In social media timing is everything! Sending 20 tweets at 2 AM is not going to get you much results. Be prepared to make the most out of scheduling your tweets to post at times that are more likely to get visibility. Consider there is a 30% HIGHER engagement rate during busy hours from 8 AM – 7 PM!

Quick Fixes
You will need to experiment to find the best times for your particular audience, taking into consideration time zones and normal activities for your group.

Use automated scheduling tools to keep your posts going without all the work.
Check your followers interests

#5: You are targeting the wrong audience

Gaining traction in social media has a lot to do with who sees you. Your audience should have similar interests or they will not be receptive to establishing a relationship with you.
Quick Fixes
Gain insights on your current audience.

Use Twitter Analytics

This is where I tell you how wonderful social media is and how it can solve all your marketing problems if done right. So go create some awesome posts and have some fun while you’re at it just keep these things in mind to improve your results!

  • Social Media can provide tremendous opportunities.
  • Social Media is not a set it and forget it activity.
  • You need to be human and memorable.
  • You must share a variety of posts, including images.
  • Target the right audience that wants to know about you.

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Laura Kimball is the CEO of Click Measure Media. She combines internet marketing with software development expertise to deliver marketing automation tools. Grab your free Twitter Tool at morefollow.com Follow on Twitter, LinkedIn

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Top 5 Reasons Your Social Media is Failing | Br... - Reply

[…] Social media can provide great results when done right. In this article I want to explore the most common reasons your social media is failing and provide  […]

Top 5 Reasons Your Social Media is Failing - mo... - Reply

[…] Social media can provide great results when done right. In this article I want to explore the most common reasons your social media is failing and provide  […]

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