Measuring The Success of Your Twitter Marketing

The Complete Guide To Building Your Twitter Audience

Chapter 9 – Chapter 9

There have been many debates on the topic of how to measure the actual ROI. Measuring the ROI of your social media can mean different things to different people. Have a clear picture of your goals and clearly identify what you want to track.

You should be looking at how social is driving traffic to your website!


This should include monitoring your social referral traffic to your website through Google Analytics or similar tools. You should be able to measure the standard KPI’s from social referral traffic such as # of Clicks, Click-through-rates and conversion details. This referral traffic is a good indication of how effective your marketing efforts are in driving traffic to your website.

You should also be monitoring your social activities.


engagementYou should measure how many people reply, retweet, favorite or list you.

Increase your engagement by sharing the right content with your followers. Birds of a feather, flock together. Sharing stories that interest your followers is the beauty of social media. Get people talking about your topic and they will share.

Following/Follower ratio

followingYou should maintain a good ratio and look for followers that follow back.

Believe it or not your followers ratio can be very important in the eyes of a potential follower if they see that you are not followed often they may assume that you don’t have anything interesting to offer. Not to mention that Twitter uses these ratios as consideration of abusive behavior and can lead to suspended accounts.


sentimentIt is important to understand what people are saying about you and your brand.

Are the people talking about you saying positive or negative things? Sentiment is a very import part of your measurement. If you notice there are more negative things being said about you take the opportunity to take corrective measures.

We hope you have found this guide helpful.

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