Twitter In The Sales Funnel

The Complete Guide To Building Your Twitter Audience

Chapter 8 – Chapter 8

Twitter can be a great way to reach your potential customers. They may not complete a purchase on Twitter itself but building the relationship and taking a proactive approach with your followers can certainly get them down the funnel faster.


Here are a few scenarios:

A user follows you from a Twitter button on your website after reading an article about a topic that interested them. You follow them back. They happen to as you a direct question about your product and you are able to engage in a follow up conversation that may close the deal.

You follow a user based upon a search of keywords. They follow you back. You say thanks for the follow. They notice who you are and check out your website for the first time.

Sales is about establishing a relationship and Twitter can be a great way to find new contacts every day. There is a direct benefit to building a long term rapport with your followers. For starters you can greatly reduce resistance once someone already feels like they know you.

Create Brand Awareness

  • Share your Twitter handle on all your marketing materials, your website, blog, and email signatures.
  • Reach out to new users you identify using Advanced Twitter Search to increase your exposure to new followers often using keywords and #hashtags.
    Establish Credibility by sharing informative links, images, and tidbits that will help your followers.

Things to Share

  • Your Latest Blog Post & Newsletters
  • Be informative with Product Updates & New Features
  • Be honest with your users when something goes wrong but tell them how and when you are going to fix it.
  • Tell a funny story about something that happened in your office.

Leverage Contests

  • Promote special discounts or offers for Twitter only.
  • Hold Social Contests that inspire people
  • Create a refer- a -friend program with loyalty points

Get creative and think of ways you can incorporate Twitter into your sales process. With a little effort there is no telling how far it can take you!

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