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An interesting article from Litium entitled “Consumers Will Punish Brands that Fail to Respond on Twitter Quickly” identifies the importance of consumer’s expectations. According to the article the majority of customers expect a response within one hour of a Tweet.

Doing these things well can be a big win for you! Once you understand your customer’s expectations it is much easier to implement a plan that will put you ahead of the competition. Executing your plan can establish trust and improve your overall customer satisfaction.


That means a few things for you:


First you have to know about the Tweet. Not all Tweets come nicely packaged in the form of a DM sent just to you. In fact 80% of all complaints never include @twittername at all. So it is imperative that you have some form of monitoring in place to catch tweets about your brand that may not follow standard formats.

Action Plan

Second you need to have a plan to handle these types of responses. This is not the time to be combative, the customer is always right. If you have customer service staff in place be sure to have a plan to educate them. Twitter has often time replaced the 1-800 in the consumers mind. Take the necessary steps to adjust your staffing to ensure that you meet the high expectations of today’s customers.

According to Lithium,

Customers have high expectations for a quick response: 53 percent who expect a brand to respond to their Tweet demand that response comes in less than an hour, according to the Lithium-commissioned study by Millward Brown Digital. That figure skyrockets to 72 percent when they have complaints.

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