The Right Way To Tweet

The Complete Guide To Building Your Twitter Audience

Chapter 5 – Chapter 5

Don’t be a tweet drone! Just because you only have 140 characters to work with does not mean you can be lazy. Coming up with original/inspirational tweets is much like writing good ad copy or blog posts. Many of the same basic rules apply and should always be part of your formula when creating your perfect posts.

Respect the rules of the road – most tweets should include the following components.

  • * Headline counts – Don’t forget to grab their attention first and foremost.
  • * Include links and a call to action, such as RT.
  • * Mention people often.
  • * Use hashtags wisely!

In addition to text be sure to mix up your content with images

Placement of the components count as well.

Your tweets should begin with your headline, this is a good place to capital letters and other punctuation that displays enthusiasm.

Don’t start a tweet with the @ symbol unless you only want that person to receive it.

Then add your call to action and a link. Followed by a hashtag as appropriate.

Optimize the length of your tweet. Keep in mind that the person retweeting may want to add additional information so keep your tweet as short as possible, preferably under 100 characters.

Here are a few of the most common types of Twitter posts:

  • Informational or Statistic- provide useful information or facts that will help your followers.
  • Tips or Advice – Share tidbits on discoveries you have made along the way.
  • Inspirational – Make someones day with a favorite saying or uplifting quote.
  • Appreciation – take the opportunity to say thanks for the RT, Follow, or Mention.
  • Question – Ask real life questions to encourage interaction.

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