Increasing Your Twitter Engagement

The Complete Guide To Building Your Twitter Audience

Chapter 4 – Chapter 4

tweet-cloudNow that you know your target audience and have begun the process of building your Twitter followers it’s time to actually do something with them.

Your very clear objective here is to give them what they want, which requires you to listen first and then deliver.Composing the perfect Tweet for your audience takes trial and error but you should always include topics and keywords that align with their interests. This goes a long way in improving the relationship.

Don’t forget to include a call to action. Don’t be shy about asking them to do something. It can be extremely simple like, Please RT or better yet Please Retweet which gets an even higher response rate.Be generous with your praise everyone loves a compliment. If you like someone’s tweet or read a great article from them be sure to mention them with a kind word and say thanks.

Remember @mentions will get noticed and are greatly appreciated.Be helpful, look for people asking specific questions and answer them quickly and efficiently. Don’t be afraid to jump in with a suggestion if you have information that can help someone out. This can include directing them to a helpful article, even if it wasn’t something you wrote or asking them if they would like to have a more personal conversation to discuss a particular solution that you have in mind.

Retweet others content that you find may be useful to your followers. The more you retweet the greater your chances of others reciprocating by retweeting your posts.

Take advantage of #FF that’s Follow Friday Tweets. This is a great time to show your appreciation of others. I always suggest making this personal, give others a reason to follow the person you suggest. Take a moment to add a personalized recommendation instead of just listing out several people at one time.

You should always be responsive in your social media efforts. If someone takes the time to mention or retweet your content it is the perfect opportunity for you to do the same. Increase your engagement by expanding your relationships with more communication.

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