Making the Most of Your Twitter Profile

The Complete Guide to Building Your Twitter Audience

Chapter 2 – Chapter 2

Showcase your strengths. Your profile should be professional and thorough. Be absolutely clear about who you are and what you do in as little time as possible. Curb side appeal, as mentioned in the introduction, is extremely important. You should be very transparent here. If you are selling a 2 bedroom, 1 bath home on a small lot you would not advertise that it has 5 bedrooms with a view. People who participate in social have no tolerance for false claims and can spot a fake in a heartbeat.

Here are the elements of a Twitter Profile:


Your @name is your Twitter handle and your Name should be a descriptive real name. You want people to find you and recognize you. Every time you send a Tweet your name will appear along with your image.

The bio should tell a story in 160 characters or less. This is a great place to use hashtags and @mentions if you are promoting multiple channels. The bio should tell a story in 160 characters or less. This is a great place to use #hashtags and @mentions if you are promoting multiple channels. Your bio is used in searches so be sure to take advantage of keywords that are meaningful to what you do.

It is a good idea to include your Location & website to give your profile a complete look. If you do not have a blog or a website you can always direct them to another social profile such as LinkedIn or Facebook.

The Importance of Good Design


Your Twitter photo shows up in all your tweets so it should also have a clear meaning and be recognizable. Your logo for example is a great choice to carry your branded theme if you are promoting a business page and a professional clear headshot should be used to promote an individual. Consistency is key to make it easier for people to recognize you.

Header Photo

It’s time to take advantage of the real estate. The recommended dimensions of the header photo are 1500 x 500 pixels use that space wisely to showcase your talents.


Your background ties it all together. There are many free or low cost background templates available that will give your profile that polished look.

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